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Families and Carers

Cheswold Park Hospital recognises that we not only have the responsibility to provide the best possible treatment and care for our patients, we also have a responsibility to work alongside and provide support and advice to a patient's family, friends and significant others.  Whilst we respect our patient's rights to confidentiality and will seek patient's views about sharing information with family and friends we also view contact with family and friends as crucial to a patient's recovery.

To enable this, all our patients have an allocated Social Worker based at the hospital who can facilitate contact in a way that suits the needs of the relative or carer by both telephone and visiting.  Social Workers from the hospital are always keen to meet with our patient's families and friends to encourage a working partnership and to make appropriate care planning.  The Social Work Team have a legal duty to consult with patient's familites for the purpose of reports for Tribunals and Hospital Managers, in order to identify the views of the nearest relative and any possible risk issues.

The social work department want carers and significant others to feel included, involved and empowered.  We can provide a resource pack with information about the hospital, visiting, meetings at the hospital, what to expect as a carer and direct telephone numbers of the patient's named nurse and dedicated social worker.

We arrange quarterly dining events where patients can invite their guests to share an evening meal with them in the hospital's main dining room and an annual weekend event which aims to inform family and carers of the various treatments available and offer a tour of the secure areas of the hospital.

The social work department is available during office hours to speak with you and ensure that your views and opinions are heard within the patient's wider clinical team.

You could also go to our Quality section on the home page to complete our new Friends & Families Survey.